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Premier   Scientific   was   founded   in   1997   to   provide   laboratory   products   to   the Clinical,   University   and   Industrial   markets.      Premier   Scientific   Ltd   has   evolved into    one    of    the    largest    Laboratory    consumables,    chemicals    and    Equipment Suppliers   in   Ireland.   In   recent   years   the   company   has   concentrated   its   efforts   in the    growing    field    of    life    science.    We    distribute    world    leading    brands    of chemicals, equipment, furniture, consumables and glassware. Premier   Scientific   is   committed   to   meeting   and   satisfying   the   needs   of   our customers   in   terms   of   the   products   we   supply,   our   customer   care   and   the   level of after sales support provided.
Laboratory Supplies and Laboratory Equipment
Unit 3, Westbank Drive,  West Bank Road,  Belfast,  BT3 9LA,  Northern Ireland   Ph +44 (0) 28 9077 3030.  Mob +44 (0) 7710 622044.  email  
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Popular Categories Manual Pipettors Multi Channel Pipettors Variable Volume Pipettors Burettes Cryogenic Dewars Cryogenic Equipment Cryogenic Freezers Tissue Culture TPP Tissue Culture Plastics Serum (FBS) CO2 Incubators Serological Pipettes
Suppliers Anachem Bibby (for Stuart, Jenway, Techne & Electrothermal) Medline (for Deltalab) Millipore Sigma Plastics Pipette Tips Barrier Filter Tips PCR Plastics Microcentrifuge Tubes Conical Centrifuge Tubes Racks and Boxes
Popular Products Bright 5040 Microtome Jenway 6305 UV-Vis Spec Sealpette Pro Pipettor Accumax Pipette Accumax Jr Mini Pipette Digitrate Pro Burette Centrifuges Freezers Incubators Pipettors Refrigerators Rockers Shakers Thermal Cyclers
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Premier Scientific, registered ISO 9001:2008, are suppliers of laboratory chemicals, consumables and equipment covering Northern Ireland, Ireland and further afield. Based in Belfast we offer our customers an excellent range of products at competitive costs. Our  product range aims to meet all of your Laboratory requirements. Enquires relating to the fields of Agriculture, Biotechnology, Chemical, Educational, Medical, and Pharmaceuticals are welcome. If you have any queries related to our range of Laboratory supplies please get in touch where one of our team members will provide you with a quick response to any enquiry and the  best discounted and competitive prices available. Our professional sales and support staff are available to assist and advise you. We are a one-stop source for all of your  Laboratory Supplies, Laboratory Equipment and consumables requirements. Our Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our website includes information on a large number of our suppliers and products, but should you be unable to find what you require, please phone or email us for a quote. We wish to provide you with a quick response to any enquiry and the  best discounted and competitive prices available.
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