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Premier    Scientific    maintains    and    repairs    research    and    scientific    equipment critical   to   the   success   of   universities,   government   facilities,   research   labs,   and private facilities. Many   items   of   scientific   equipment   rely   on   accurate   and   reproducible   operation or   measurement.   In   most   cases   we   can   offer   a   range   of      services,   to   ensure   that your equipment is regularly maintained. Our    qualified    technicians    quickly    resolve    problems    to    keep    research    and scientific equipment in optimum working condition.
Laboratory Supplies and Laboratory Equipment
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It   is   well   recognised   that   routine   maintenance   increases   the   up   time   of   equipment   and   facilities,   along   with   helping   to   ensure   compliance   with   the relevant regulatory requirements, including health and safety. Premier   Scientific   Ltd's   service   division   offers   preventative   maintenance   which   can   be   tailored   to   specific   requirements,   emergency   breakdown   and after sales support for a wide range of specialist laboratory equipment. Highly   trained   engineers   provide   the   highest   quality   of   service   with   full   traceability   of   works   carried   out,   including   important   test   and   calibration documentation. Our flexible approach enables us to provide the service that YOU want rather than what WE believe you require. Equipment Services to Meet Your Needs: Preventative maintenance contracts. After sales support and technical help. Installation and commissioning. Rapid response for breakdowns and repairs. Equipment upgrades. Training of client's in-house users and support staff Equipment installation, relocation, removal and disposal
The   on-site   maintenance   service   offers   that   little   bit   more   for   those   customers   who   demand   an   on-site   service,   particularly   for   equipment   that   is   in constant use and is heavily relied upon. This   service   ensures   the   same   high   standards   of   attention   as   the   standard   service,   but   with   reduced   equipment   downtime.   In   this   case   a   Premier Scientific   Service   Engineer   will   visit   the   customer's   site   and   perform   the   maintenance   at   the   equipment   location,   avoiding   the   removal   of   any equipment from the customer's site. However this service is not always possible for all equipment types and is very much dependant on the maintenance requirements. Premier   Scientific   can   provide   this   service   on   a   6   or   12   monthly   basis   within   any   agreed   period,   as   requested   by   our   customers   and   as   necessary   for the equipment to be serviced.
Small Benchtop General Lab Equipment Animal Ventilators Microplate Readers Sterilisers Laboratory Dishwashers & Dryers Blood Gas Analyzer Refrigeration Units/Lab Refrigerators Flame Photometers Large Incubator Shakers Co-oximeters
Lyopholizers Mass Spectrometers Water Systems & Stills Microscopes DNA Sequencers Cell Incubators Balances High Speed & Ultra High Speed Centrifuges Spectrophotometers Ice Makers
Scintillations Counters HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatographs PCR Machines -Real time, thermocyclers FPLC - Fast Protein Liquid Chromatographs Cryostats and Microtomes Tissue Processors Phosphor Imagers
Some of the Scientific and Research Equipment we service includes:
Popular Categories Manual Pipettors Multi Channel Pipettors Variable Volume Pipettors Burettes Cryogenic Dewars Cryogenic Equipment Cryogenic Freezers Tissue Culture TPP Tissue Culture Plastics Serum (FBS) CO2 Incubators Serological Pipettes
Suppliers Anachem Bibby (for Stuart, Jenway, Techne & Electrothermal) Medline (for Deltalab) Millipore Sigma Plastics Pipette Tips Barrier Filter Tips PCR Plastics Microcentrifuge Tubes Conical Centrifuge Tubes Racks and Boxes
Popular Products Bright 5040 Microtome Jenway 6305 UV-Vis Spec Sealpette Pro Pipettor Accumax Pipette Accumax Jr Mini Pipette Digitrate Pro Burette Centrifuges Freezers Incubators Pipettors Refrigerators Rockers Shakers Thermal Cyclers
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