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Premier   Scientific   was   founded   in   1997   to   provide   laboratory   products   to   the Clinical,   University   and   Industrial   markets.      Premier   Scientific   Ltd   has   evolved into    one    of    the    largest    Laboratory    consumables,    chemicals    and    Equipment Suppliers   in   Ireland.   In   recent   years   the   company   has   concentrated   its   efforts   in the    growing    field    of    life    science.    We    distribute    world    leading    brands    of chemicals, equipment, furniture, consumables and glassware. Premier   Scientific   is   committed   to   meeting   and   satisfying   the   needs   of   our customers   in   terms   of   the   products   we   supply,   our   customer   care   and   the   level of after sales support provided.
Laboratory Supplies and Laboratory Equipment
Unit 3, Westbank Drive,  West Bank Road,  Belfast,  BT3 9LA,  Northern Ireland   Ph +44 (0) 28 9077 3030.  Mob +44 (0) 7710 622044.  email  
These terms and conditions cover all sales of products and services by Premier Scientific Ltd in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Prices/Charges Premier   Scientific   has   the   right   to   change   the   prices   shown   on   the   website   at   any   time   and   to   invoice   at   prices   current   at   the   date   of   receipt   of   an order. 'Price   on   application'   (POA)   quotations   and   all   other   quotations   will   be   valid   for   30   days   from   the   date   of   the   quotation,   unless   otherwise   notified   by Premier Scientific. All   prices   on   the   website   are   net   of   Value   Added   Tax   and   any   other   taxes   or   duties.   These   will   be   charged   separately,   if   applicable.   Premier Scientific reserve the right to apply a freight charge on all deliveries. Payment Full payment is immediate. Premier Scientific has the right to deliver an order in instalments. Any claims for shortages must be made within 7 days of a delivery. Any claims for non-ordered items or non delivery must be made within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Return of Damaged or Unsuitable Goods No goods may be returned to Premier Scientific without the authorisation of Premier Scientific. Authorisation   to   return   products   damaged   during   delivery   must   be   requested   within   3   days   of   delivery.   Premier   Scientific   has   the   right   to   repair   and return damaged products. Authorisation   for   the   return   of   products   which   fail   to   meet   current   published   manufacturers   specifications   must   be   requested   in   writing   within   28   days of   delivery.   Premier   Scientific   will   assist   customers,   at   customers'   expense,   to   obtain   any   manufacturer's   warranty   consistent   with   that   granted   to Premier Scientific. Authorisation   for   the   return   of   products,   other   than   those   damaged   during   delivery,   delivered   in   error   or   those   that   do   not   meet   specification,   must   be requested   within   10   days   of   delivery.   Credit   (less   a   handling   charge   of   15%   of   the   invoice   value   of   all   products   returned   subject   to   a   minimum charge   of   £30)   will   be   given   for   those   products   authorised   for   return   which   are   unused   and   in   re-saleable   condition   other   than   those   in   the categories shown: open chemicals or diagnostics refrigerated or other perishables items with an expired shelf life or an expiration date too short for resale any article that has been delivered direct by a third party supplier discontinued items items not purchased from Premier Scientific. Authorisation   will   be   subject   to   the   condition   that   the   products   are   returned   to   Premier   Scientific   or   to   the   manufacturer   or   other   source   notified   by Premier   Scientific,   by   registered   post   if   permitted,   (for   which   Premier   Scientific   will   supply   a   label),   for   which   a   handling   charge   will   be   made   for   each line. Articles that have been delivered on our behalf by a third party supplier will not be accepted back at the Premier Scientific Customer Service Centre. Health, Safety and Liability Risk in products will pass at the time of delivery to the customer. The customer is responsible for unloading and transporting large and/or heavy items from delivery vans. In   view   of   the   hazards   of   certain   chemicals   and   apparatus   the   customer   must   ensure   that   the   products   purchased   are   in   a   safe   condition   and   that   a safe   system   of   work   is   in   place   taking   into   account   all   available   information.   None   of   the   products   sold   are   intended   for   human   consumption   unless otherwise clearly stated. In   view   of   the   wide   range   of   uses   of   chemicals   and   apparatus,   the   customer   will   be   solely   responsible   for   determining   the   suitability   and specification   of   products,   services,   information   and   advice   for   its   purposes.   Premier   Scientific   has   the   right,   without   notice,   to   supply   product   of different   specifications,   sources,   and   pack   size   to   that   published   or   ordered.   The   customer   is   required   to   ensure   that   that   the   use   of   any   products supplied by Premier Scientific do not infringe third party intellectual property rights. In   view   of   the   above,   liability   of   Premier   Scientific   for   any   loss   or   damage   suffered   by   a   customer   and   arising   by   reason   of   defects   in   the   products   or otherwise   howsoever   is   limited   to   the   invoice   price   of   the   products   in   respect   of   or   in   relation   to   which   loss   or   damage   is   claimed.   Any   liability accepted   by   Premier   Scientific   under   these   terms   and   conditions   is   in   lieu   of   any   warranty   or   condition   implied   by   law   as   to   the   quality   or   fitness   for any   particular   purpose   of   the   products   and   save   as   provided   in   these   terms   and   conditions   Premier   Scientific   will   not   be   under   any   liability,   whether in   contract,   tort,   breach   of   statutory   duty   or   otherwise   in   respect   of   defects   in   products   delivered   or   for   any   injury   (other   than   death   or   personal   injury caused   by   Premier   Scientific   negligence   as   defined   in   the   Unfair   Contract   Terms Act   1977)   damage   or   loss   resulting   from   such   defects   or   from   any information,   service   or   advice   provided   by   Premier   Scientific   or   its   employees,   contractors   or   agents.   In   no   event   shall   Premier   Scientific   be   liable   for any   consequential   loss   whether   or   not   resulting   from   force   majeure.   The   customer   indemnifies   Premier   Scientific   against   any   claims   from   its employees, contractors or agents.
Terms and Conditions
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